Zerex Classics – experience after 12 doses

Zerex is among the leading supplements for improved sexual performance. As an older person looking for just these products, because support for an erection I need always before sex. For testing I chose Zerex Classics – a sort of “basic version”. The remaining Zerex Extralong and Zerex Ultragold I’ll keep for further review.

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  • Zerex effects
  • Benefits Zerexu
  • Side effects Zerexu
  • Packaging Zerexu– VIDEO unpacking
  • The Composition Of The Zerexu
  • Use and dosage
  • The advantages and disadvantages of
  • The experience of others
  • Price and available packages
  • Where to order Zerex
  • My 12 is having sex with a Zerexem (conclusion)



The basic version of the Zerexu, however, is not in any way about anything impoverished. It is designed mainly to support the erection, and even to alleviate problems with the prostate gland. A suitable product for older persons.

Zerex I was in 12 doses over one tablet. In my case, I “made it” in 3 weeks, you Zerex maybe this will deplete faster.

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Zerex effects

I note the promises, which the dealer notes directly on the e-shop.


  • Increases libido and sex drive

NOTE: Personally I don’t like this formulation, because of sex I’m still interested and I still fancy him despite his age. If I’m tired and I don’t want to have sex, I’m not forcing into it either yourself or a partner and in that case, would a tablet not enjoy. Whether in some way it stimulates the flavor to the sex answer I can’t.

  • Bigger and thicker penis

NOTE: I do not agree. This information was listed on the package leaflet. I am but no effect on the size or volume effect.

  • Onset within 60 minutes

NOTE: True. Depending on the “saturation” of the stomach may effect the lineup even earlier, after about 45 minutes.

  • The effect lasts up to 36 hours

NOTE: I do not agree. With a statement like that I meet often, but the truth is, that the tablet is small and the body of the active substance relatively quickly excreted. I don’t think the effect would last so long, even if it exclude I can’t.

  • Does not irritate the stomach

NOTE: True. No irritation I’ve noticed, although from experience I do not recommend Zerex and other supplements to mix with alcohol.

  • Contributes to mental well

NOTE: I do not agree. Zerex is no sedative or opiate, to be able to induce some states of calm mind.

  • The certified composition of the

NOTE: True. Zerex actually analysed several laboratories and the product complies with strict manufacturing standards. Zerex is safe.

  • Without prescription

NOTE: True. The composition does not contain the drug, so the Zerex is freely available. But don’t expect such a strong effect as prescription medicines (Viagra, Kamagra, Cialis)

  • No headache as in competition

NOTE: True. From Zerexu my head didn’t hurt, but it usually doesn’t happen even in the competition. Supplements have a weaker concentration of ingredients than drugs, for which the risk is present commonly.


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Benefits Zerexu

Zerex praise and I won’t needlessly write that let me down. The effect may have been stronger but was adequate and managed to the satisfaction of the wife.

The effect, in my case it manifested itself after approximately 45 minutes after use. In the penis I feel a pleasant “tingling” and I feel that I’m ready for a firmer erection. Of course, it is necessary exciting stimulus, so after use I’m right behind his wife and vzrušíme together.

Digressing from the topic and I will add that most of the products could improve the sex life even after the partner page. Because I always know that the effect after the time comes, I’m trying to stimulate a woman, a longer foreplay before the effect comes to the fullest.

She is happy and I am happy that thanks to the products (including Zerexu) are our evenings in bed more intense. We’re trying to techniques, what we had not seen before, we have common patience.

It is, however, rather a consequence of the fact that I understand how it is when consensual sex required patience and not to “rashly” pursue orgasm. After it is in men often problem number again.

If you are young, learn a common time to relish deeper and make the sex really intimate, private moment. Only so will last you a joy and satisfaction from it in the long term.

Strengthen an erection Zerexem


The recommended dosage Zerex Classics


Side effects Zerexu

Zerex I used according to the recommendations and the dose I have never crossed. The seller promises that should not experience any unpleasant effects, which I personally confirmed.

Zerex is traditionally not recommended for people with allergies to any of the ingredients, people with cardiovascular diseases (due to the risk of complications) and to minors.

If after taking the appeared chest pain, immediately call a doctor. It would be a manifestation of some yet undetected disease of the heart.

Zerex also draws attention to the dizziness or visual disturbances, which made me quite surprised. Always because tablets test at home and after use, do not to drive or use machines.


Packaging Zerexu – unpacking (VIDEO)

My Zerex Classics I ordered with delivery by courier. The inconspicuous package arrived after 2 working days. Zerex wrapped up in an envelope and still in one waterproof from plastic, which I commend, because they could not wet it.

Packaging Zerex contained:

  • 1 pack of Zerex Classic 12 single doses in the price is 720 Czk
  • Leaflet a leaflet with advertising and recommendations

LACK: As a big mistake, I see that my goods didn’t send an invoice – proof of payment. I consider that a document must be included with the purchase. I don’t know how I’d progressed in the event of a complaint, as it would document certainly had to submit.

This is written directly in the terms of Zerex. However, the reality was different


I was sorry that I didn’t send any discount coupon for further purchases. Zerex is expensive, because a single dose costs 60 Czk. A discount would be welcomed by everyone.

The website was Zerex depicted in the carton as in the pharmacy, but came in only a plastic vial with the tablets.

That looks like the Zerex on the website, but in a box it don’t send


The Composition Of The Zerexu Classics

We meet again with the most effective ingredients for male enhancement.

  • Tribulus Terrestris to support blood circulation in the genital organs
  • Maca improves physical performance, including sexual
  • The amino acid L-Arginine, L-Citrulline and L-Lysine help oxygenate the blood and improve blood flow in the body
  • Theobromine is extracted from cocoa beans and has on the body encouraging effects

For myself, I have to add that the effects of the substances are short-term, because even the Zerex is only for occasional use. The best results can be achieved with long-term use, so if it’s not just a momentary help, focus on accessories for long-term use (ArginMax, Vimax, eJoy).


The Composition Of The Zerex Classics


Usage and dosage Zerexu

Zerex is used in 1 tablet at least an hour before sex. 1 pack contains 12 tablets. It is not recommended to take more than 2 tablets. Pack you last on the 12th having sex, if you do not increase the dose.

I recommend Zerex not to take on a completely full stomach. The effect would probably have been waiting longer. Try not to drink alcohol. Even the can get an erection to weaken.

Tablet Zerex Classics

The advantages and disadvantages of Zerexu



The experience of others

The first user on the Zerex can’t let that happen (discussion here)

The next lord was not happy with the competition, but Zerex he proved (discussion here)

As well as I, and the third the lord confirms to support of erection (discussion here)


Price and available packages

Zerex as one of the few does not offer multiple packages, or “economic” maxibalení and make do we have to just packing up after 12 doses.

Click and order the Zerex Classics 12 doses


Discount coupon you will get even when ordering multiple packs at once, the price does not diminish. Each pack still comes out on the 720 Czk.


Where to order Zerex?

Certainly I recommend Zerex order via the official eshop. Most pharmacies and retailers have always “happens to” own the margin, thereby Zerex even more expensive.


My 12 is having sex with a Zerexem (conclusion)

Zerex well served to get an erection, unfortunately, nothing more I did not bring. For an erection I give him 4 stars out of 5, the rest of the rate will be.

As a mistake I see problems with the price and tax document that I received.

Order Zerex and strengthen the erection



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