VIMAX – a detailed review after 3 months of use

Canadian pills Vimax I’m familiar with, I trust them and I’m sure to them I’ll come back. I’m 50 years old and Vimax I deliberately chose – as one of the few supplements promises long-term support erection. Not like those accessories on television, which enjoy the evening and the next day you don’t know that you had one.

Vimax I enjoyed the 3 months strictly according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. For a quarter of a year, I not only solidified the “wobbling” an erection, but also pumped up almost an extinct libido.

Cure me out on the 2 799 Czk, which is 31 crowns per daily dose. Currently I don’t know more profitable and more effective supplement.

On the old knees, I started with a woman in bed to experiment and try what never before.

Why? Simply because it again can handle! Your experience and a very positive review in detail rozepisuji in the review.

I want to try Vimax


The content of the article

  • 1 Introduction
    • 1.1 Vimax effects
    • 1.2 Benefits Vimaxu
    • 1.3 Adverse effects Vimaxu
    • 1.4 The Composition Of The Vimaxu
    • 1.5 Use and dosage
    • 1.6 My experience with Vimaxem
    • 1.7 Advantages and disadvantages of Vimaxu
    • 1.8 the Experience of others with Vimaxem
    • 1.9 Price and available packages
    • 1.10 Where to order Vimax?
    • 1.11 How to apply the discount code?
  • 2 of My 3 months with Vimaxem
        • My review


Vimax promises in the first place long-term support erections, prolong sexual intercourse and increased libido – appetite for sex.

I was intrigued and penis enlargement, that’s why I am rating enthusiastically agreed. Not that I “wasn’t enough”, but centimeters in addition, he enjoys no one.

Some expectations were fulfilled, some partially, and some not. In the article accurately describe my experience.

Vimax I was taking up to 3 months, even though I originally planned to only 1 month. In that time, I was able to do a really complete picture. What made me enjoy Vimax quarter of the year?

I want to try Vimax


Vimax effects

Vimax on the website indicates the following information. In a note expressing my own opinion:

  • The increase in volume of the penis during erection

NOTE: True. Regular use of into the penis it brings more blood. Penis volume increases due to the larger volume of blood in the tissue.

  • Help with premature ejaculation

NOTE: Disapproval. Ejaculation at me came around the same time. Anyway, Vimax has allowed more sex and orgasms in a row, so the premature ejaculation is not a problem that would have troubled me.

  • Stronger and longer erections

NOTE: True. More blood in the penis means harder penis that lasts longer in a state of erection.

  • Increased sex drive and better enjoyment from it

NOTE: True. The composition acts as a natural aphrodisiac, so it encourages the appetite for sex as well, as its a more intense experience.

  • More intense orgasm

NOTE: True. Engorged penis transmits the excitement more intensely.

You KNOW, THAT the packaging Vimaxu contains a number of security features? How to recognize them and what to look for?


Benefits Vimaxu

The whole functioning of the Vimaxu (but also other male enhancement products) is downright simple. Plant composition contains ingredients that are time-tested as stimulants of erection. Forcing the body to pump blood into the penis, thus growing stronger in all its features.

Their appropriate combination, therefore, actually supports an erection, the the libido and increase sperm production. I’m having a recurring intercourse multiple times in a row (for me 2 – 3 “wheels” – a previously unimaginable).

TIP: On the page Vimaxu is based on the perfect articles about erection and other “intimitách”. Will surely captivate you.

I’m happy with Vimaxem disappeared annoying problems like failure during sex when I’m due to stress or the eternal over-work failed to maintain a sufficient erection. I’m not saying that Vimax you “kick” even after 14 hours on my feet at work, then it is necessary to properly sleep. General strengthening of erection however, it is noticeable still.

One can argue that after about a month of use I can keep an erection for long, and the first climax already does not mean the end of sex. On the contrary, the sex I enjoy and I am very happy that I can see the satisfaction in the face of the partner. This has not been always the rule.
Vimax thus indirectly helped “calm down” and not think still above failure or over what happens with the relationship, if will not provide sufficient power. My self-esteem and especially self-confidence grew, which otherwise is not at all evident. A long-term problem with an erection is always manifested in behavior, in the closeness and the avoidance of women. This me, however, no longer bothers.


Side effects Vimaxu

Myself I the side effects noticed. Vimax has a limitation only for people with cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure and problems from the point of view of the condition of the heart, blood, blood vessels, or the liver.

Vimax according to the information available (and at the same time, the views from the discussions) can increase blood pressure. In such a way actually brings the blood to the penis. To imagine it you can, for example, at a higher dose of caffeine. You know that feeling when you after the strong kávičce heart, you are tighter, the body responds faster and you have the “urge to do something”?

Vimax works similarly, but on the penis. Improves blood circulation, hardens in a rigid erection and is ready “for action”. But be careful, not even coffee or Vimax are not for a more sensitive nature, for which the effects may be too strong.

But, as I write, in my case this is the expected and pleasant effect, which helps me.


Packaging Vimaxu – unpacking (VIDEO)

As you can see, for a review of Vimax, I ordered 1 package by Czech post on delivery. The package came in an inconspicuous white envelope without visible ads, logos and slogans. I wonder what would happen if in the warehouses of someone on the cover, stepped, or if wet. The seller could consider packing in a box.

Packaging Vimaxu contained:

  • 1 package Vimaxu to the moon in price 1099 Czk
  • A proper invoice, which serves as the warranty certificate (please retain)
  • Discount coupon on your next purchase

The coupon (code “VIMAX10X”) I use in the next order 2 packs, which I saved exactly 200 Rubles.

The package I ordered on Monday and on Tuesday I had him at. The order thus equipped, apparently immediately after sending, what I of course realized even in the confirmation mail.


The Composition Of The Vimaxu

 On Vimaxu I appreciate that it retains its natural composition. Indicate, however, one case from the year 2014, which related to the finding of illicit substances. Specifically, the substance sildenafil, which is according to the law can not exist in the freely available food supplements.

Sildenafil is classified as a drug, so you can find him only in prescription drugs (e.g. Viagra, Cialis, etc.). A detailed article here.

The case can be read here. According to my findings , however, the current composition fully meets the regulations, it is purely natural and Vimax no unauthorized substances does not contain. Thing I checked, even directly on food inspection, which supplements the diet of the checks, makes analyses and approves for sale.

Vimax and every other certified supplement undergoes a rigorous analysis, which detects even the smallest content components – trace elements.

Vimax contains only dried plants and extracts from them. Affect as promoting blood flow to the penis, and at the same time as the nutrition of the testicles for sperm production. Aphrodisiac effects are also advantage of natural composition.

  • Tribulus terrestris
  • Hawthorn berries
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Ginseng
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Gingko Biloba
  • Vitamin E
Read more about the composition of the


Vimax does not contain any common allergens. Any allergies to any of the ingredients it is therefore really unlikely. No gluten, sodium, milk, sugar, no added dyes, preservatives and flavors.


Use and dosage

Vimax I used according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, and it 1 capsule a day half an hour after breakfast. A light breakfast must be started, the activity of the stomach and of the Vimaxu so it can absorb the active ingredient effectively as possible.

For breakfast normally I have a piece of pastry, cheese, ham or yogurt and fruit. No stomach pain or irritation after use Vimaxu wasn’t watching. Does not have the aggressive “chemical nature”.

1 package is designed for a month use. Contains 30 tablets.

I recommend to always follow the dosage. To avoid potential health complications, such as heart palpitations, sweating, shortness of breath and feelings of weakness.

I want to try Vimax for a month


My experience with Vimaxem

Vimax I enjoyed the 3 months. It is designed for long-term support of erection, not as immediate aid to which you may become accustomed in the Viagra or other medicines of erection. Vimax is not a drug, therefore, the effects come gradually over a longer period of time.

Vimax enjoying the morning half hour after breakfast. Dosage I don’t cross. After the first week I began to observe aphrodisiac effects. The Penis became “more active”, I felt it throbbing. The feeling is similar to the state when it starts erection, but the penis does not reach it completely.

I call it “standby mode”, because Vimax really stimulates the appetite for sex. Now, from the work of literally flying and I’m looking forward to an evening of sex. A lot more we engage in sex and in the morning, when my partner is interested in. Previously only the occasional thing, because immediately after waking up I fuck like rarely.

The real strengthening of erection to look at, “touch”, I assessed approximately after a month. The Penis is actually harder and I think just after the first month reached in this direction the maximum. The remaining 2 months status maintained.

Another change came in the form of greater production of ejaculate. Ejaculated I even at the second and the third sex in a row that I previously “lost”. The composition of the Vimaxu clearly sperm production support with visible result.

TIP: Vimax used for long-term support of erection, stamina and ejaculation. It is not suitable for disposable use before sex. The long-term effect is a consequence of long-term use.

I want to buy a convenient 3 pack


The advantages and disadvantages of Vimaxu



The experience of others with Vimaxem

 When writing reviews is always a lot of asking and thoroughly examining the reaction on the internet. I’m collecting those opinions, with which after the use of Vimaxu I agree myself.

The whole discussion here

The whole discussion here


Price and available packages

If you order now 12 pack 10% discount one pack comes out for 592 Eur! Fold with your friends and get Vimax cheaply as possible!


Where to order Vimax?

Vimax I’ve been buying directly from the e-shop The order is simple and intuitive. Just click on the number of packages, list the contact details and select payment and shipping. In the package I also had a discount code, which never change, I guess and it works still – VIMAX10X.

Czech post package arrived on the second working day. The menu is also shipping by courier, or personal collection free of charge in Prague on Domažlické 1232/3, 130 00 Prague.

I want to order Vimax


How to apply a discount code?

Enter it directly into the boxes in the order.

  1. Click on the “Insert discount code”
  2. Enter the code VIMAX10X
  3. Click on the “Apply discount” and proceed to the summary of the order


My 3 months with Vimaxem

Vimax helped me and I recommend it to anyone plnoletému men with weakened erections, or a weak battery. Ejaculation at me as neoddálil me but it does at least, because thanks to him I got even 3 of coitus after each other.

Let however give attention to those who have a wrong heart and blood vessels. Then can be Vimax, but also other products on a similar basis threat.

1099 Czk
Last 1 month
  • 37 Rubles for a tablet
  • 30 tablets
  • free shipping
1999 Czk
Last 2 months
  • 33 Czk for tablet
  • 60 tablets
  • free shipping
2799 Czk
Last 3 months
  • 31 Czk for tablet
  • 90 tablets
  • free shipping
3499 Rubles
Last 4 months
  • 29 Czk per tablet
  • 120 tablets
  • free shipping


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