🌶 Vilitra (generic Levitra) 10X stone erection

Vilitra is a generic drug. I Bought it together with the generic Viagra from the same foreign site. Several times I already wrote, that the drugs should only be prescribed by a physician after a thorough examination.
Where did I get generic Levitra? And why I risked her purchase even without a prescription? Did  it  helps me with an erection? Everything in today’s review.



  • Introduction
  • Vilitra – effects
  • Benefits of generic Levitra
  • Side effects Vilitra
  • Side effects that I noticed
  • Natural alternatives Vilitra
  • Packaging Vilitra – generic Levitra
  • The composition of the Vilitra
  • Use and dosage
  • The Benefits Of Vilitra
  • Disadvantages Vilitra
  • The experience of others with Vilitra
  • My experience with Vilitra



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Vilitra is a generic medicine the drug Levitra. Tablets produced by another manufacturer, but the effects is the sameas the original. Generics are usually cheaper than the original drug. this is Why so sell well. A generic medicine you however, feel free to prescribe even the doctor.

Why are generic drugs dangerous? They are just as dangerous as drugs. Also contain a powerful drug – an active substance. In the case of Vilitry is the active substance vardenafil.

READ and unpleasant experience which the artist was Rushed, which ordered Viagra over the internet from 3 different sources.


Vilitra – effects

Vilitra is a medicine for immediate support erection before sex. Can not be taken long-term.

Causes rapid onset of an erection, even in the event that you suffer from erectile dysfunction. Vilitra may not be effective in severe dysfunction. The degree of weakening you exactly mete out a doctor, therefore I recommend you to go for examination.

Erectile dysfunction is prescribed most often Viagra, Cialis, Levitra or their generic. Vilitra replicates the composition of Levitra.

Your doctor during the examination prescribes the ideal dosage. Usually it is of 1 tablet half an hour before sex, but the dose can be lower or higher.

We strongly do not recommend to exceed the dosage. One tablet is really strong and more tablet does not mean better erection. Such a gamble because you don’t “breathe”.

Try out blind date Vilitru I decided to, because I’m the youngest of the editors. Viagra I did to and from Vilitry I expected similar effects. I admit, that was pretty strong and even those unwanted.editor Paul

Benefits Vilitra – generic Levitry

The older gentlemen I will warn that medications containing sildenafil, taladafilu or vardenafil may cause discomfort. Personally, however, no more difficult disease or erectile dysfunction diagnosed, I don’t.

In promoting erection Vilitra proved. I have been taking 2 tablets 45 minutes before sex. This time I worked even with other supplements, because during her body fully absorbed the full dose and will get the maximum effect.

After about 20 minutes, the effect manifests itself by a strong “tide of heat” to the penis and to the whole intimate area.

Nice warming feel from the perineum through the anal sphincter until the whole of the penis and the pubic area. With a strong drug perfectly procítíte all your erogenous zones.

In one tablet is 10 mg of vardenafil. I have been taking 2 tablets before sex

For drugs is always a need for erotic stimulus, so when my partner touched it, I immediately reached the hard erection.

Normally my penis after climax quickly ebbs. With Vilitrou I keep an erection three times longer, twice peaked and continue to have sex without ejaculation. Vilitra does not support sperm production, so another orgasm may be “dry”. But it doesn’t matter.

The Penis is during the action of very sensitive and I admit that when long-lasting erection (over 30 minutes) can start to hurt. It is mainly the risk of exceeding the dose. I was taking 2 tablets – along 20 mg of vardenafil. They are made even more concentrated form, so be careful.

Side effects Vilitry

 Mild side effects me you missed it. Were not so strong, as in the case of Viagra. When I felt chest pressure and shortness of breath into the night.

Vilitra me pretty warm. Constant dry mouth and increased sweating I’m “celebrating” almost 3 liters of cold water. Even you don’t forget the increased drinking regime.

The second annoyance was just a mild pain in the penis and on the glans. Hard erection lasted over half an hour, so in the penis has long been “trapped” blood, which in no way didn’t circulate.

Pain in the penis resembled a contraction, I felt the throb and the glans was quite swollen.

And here I confirmed my own rule, and not to take anything prescribed by my own doctor. The drugs are intended for men who fail to get an erection to achieve. But that’s not my case, so drug testing only occasionally, and I’m mainly a long break.

Vilitru in no case do not take if:

  • You have over 75 years of age
  • You have severe heart disease or liver disease
  • You had a heart attack or stroke
  • You have or have had low blood pressure
  • You have stomach ulcers or inflammation in the digestive tract
  • You are undergoing regular dialysis
  • You’re a hemophiliac

I REPEAT, that the use of drugs on the an erection should always consider the doctor! Many of the men to the doctors not and do not know themselves, that some of the disease at all! Improper use has caused even death.


Side effects that I noticed

I join also side effects, which for me may not be reflected, but vardenafil in Vilitře can cause:

  • Headache and redness of the face and neck
  • Increased sweating, flushing, watery eyes, runny nose and irritation of the mucous membranes
  • Bleeding from the nose
  • Fluctuations in pulse and blood pressure
  • Drowsiness
  • Rash
  • Impaired vision

In an EXTREME CASE, AND AFTER an OVERDOSE of IMMINENT fainting, muscle stiffness, significant allergic reactions, painful and long lasting erections and even feelings of anxiety and nervousness.

I wonder if after such a list of negative effects can even medications call medication. I recommend that it is only men who they can’t otherwise achieve a good erection. The rest should make do with traditional supplements to support erection.


Natural alternatives Vilitra are Extenze, prosolution+, VigRxplus

Packaging Vilitra – generic Levitra

Vilitra for me along with generic Viagra as a gift sent from America. I ordered this to look more trustworthy eshop, but otherwise I would have to generic medicines didn’t get.

Both drugs have been clearly selected from the original box and only inserted into the envelope. Plato from Viagra, which I got, it was even cut. They cut it from a larger pack and sent in.

An amateur seller is manifested even so, that didn’t send any leaflet, any information on the use, nothing.

If such a consignment, someone else got, he’d swallowed 10 tablets at once and overdosed. Even such is the risk of purchases illegally, without inspection, and from unverified sources.

I didn’t even get proof of payment, I don’t even have to mention.

Package included:

  • 20 tablet Vilitry
  • 4 pills generic Viagra as a gift – read a detailed review

The Composition Of The Vilitry

The active substance is vardenafil with a concentration of 10 mg per tablet. Additional substances used as a carrier, to give vardenafil use as a tablet. The remaining substances have no effect on the an erection and blood supply to the penis. The complete composition of the Vilitry can be found here.

You KNOW THAT medications contain only 1 active substance, but supplements to support erection several? They are a mixture of medicinal herbs, roots or fruits, and extracts of them. All the reviews in one place can be found here.

Use and dosage

Dosage I “ordered” myself, because in the envelope there were no accompanying information.

Took me 2 tablets 45 minutes before sex. In the two tablets is together 20 mg of vardenafil, which is bad enough. More pills do not take.

Carefully you find out how much vardenafil contains your Vilitra. In this shop they sell the 20 mg in one tablet, so they are stronger.

Maximum is taken 20 mg of vardenafil a day. Vilitra is not used regularly.

For long-term and less aggressive support of the erection I recommend canadian Vimax. A detailed review can be read here.

The pill is small and easy to swallow

The advantages and disadvantages of Vilitry

The experience of others with Vilitrou

With Vilitrou is on the internet a little experience. This is one of the many generics original Levitry. I found only discussions in English. Those also weren’t many. I attach the several views.

  • On this forum assesses the Vilitru very positively
I am 57 and due to Levitře 20 mg keep a stone erection 20 to 30 minutes, I got up to 3 orgasms and about sex I am immediately ready for a period of 6 hours.experience from the discussion
For me as a side effect manifested stuffy night and headache. Later I got used to Vilitru enjoy together with the nasal spray.the user from the same discussion

My experience with Vilitrou

Vilitra took me a good and solid erection held for half an hour. I enjoyed the repeated coitus and multiple orgasms.

The downside was a painful penis and excessive sweating. For the occasional use of Vilitru I recommend, but getting used to her no longer.

Pleased with the price less than 30 Rubles per dose. The credibility of the seller but very lagging.

The more I Vilitru for myself bought. Only in the case if it to me after the examination prescribed by your doctor.

AS an ALTERNATIVE I recommend Erexan with natural composition.

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