The female orgasm – 20. tips on how to do it (2. part)

In the first part of the Wizard the satisfaction of women , we found that every woman has the right to an orgasm. Unfortunately, not every orgasm will come. It is therefore up to us, to his partners showed up, what with her lasturkou and body can do.

We 4 the point at which the woman vydráždíme on the edge of orgasm.

There is nothing worse than a bored woman!wise’s quote of an anonymous man

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  • 1 Tip #4 – Irritation of the breasts and nipples
    • 1.1 Step 1: Environment
    • 1.2 Step 2: Caresses and deep breath
    • 1.3 Step 3: the Beginning of the massage
    • 1.4 Step 4: the Circles around the breast
    • 1.5 Step 5: Nipples
  • 2 Tip #5 – Oral games
  • 3 VIDEO: If you can speak English, here are a few tips for enrichment.
  • 4 Tip #6 – Educational female masturbation
  • 5 Tip #7 – Toys
    • 5.1 Dildo
    • 5.2 Vibrator
    • 5.3 ben wa balls

Tip #4 – Irritation of the breasts and nipples

Surprisingly few women know that they can achieve orgasm through breast and nipple. Man therefore can pleasantly surprise and give her a gift in the form of unusual experience. This type of climax is different than clitoral or vaginal stimulation.

There is not one great, but rather, it comes in smaller waves behind. The possibility of this orgasm has been confirmed by science. During stimulation of the nipples and breasts of women were monitored through magnetic resonance.

The result? The brain doesn’t know the difference between stimulating the clitoris, vagina, cervix or breast.


Step 1: Environment

Wife curl in a pleasant environment to have the most comfortable feel and she felt safe and protected.


Step 2: Caresses and deep breath

Your laskáním let her know that she is beautiful. So to let all the worries of everyday life from the head. Thanks to your care also deepen your breath. This is for relaxation and release the key. To the fullest so relaxes your body and prepares it for the following waves of pleasure.


Step 3: the Beginning of the massage

For massage, choose a suitable massage oil. Can recommend, for example, coconut. It has good slip and smells wonderful. You will appreciate also as intimate lubricant.

Massage start a piece from the heart between the breasts of a partner. The other hand focus attention to the area of the abdomen. Here the women hold a lot of stress and tension.

The belly, the ribs, the space between the breast and neck are good areas where to start with massages. Light touches with the tips of the fingers alternate with moderate intensity in the above areas.


Step 4: the Circles around the breast

At the moment the body begins to react, it is time to move attention to the breast. First start with a circular touch, light as a feather obkružovat both breasts.

Then gently go to the massage and squeezing of her breasts. As if you were rolling loaves of bread. Then start driving big circles around the breasts. Without touching the nipples and areolas. Vygradujete so that the proper voltage. The body has to literally beg for a sequel.


Step 5: Nipples

Partner can no more attack to endure. In that moment, it’s time for the nipple. When their squeezing occurs the release of oxytocin – the hormone of love and attachment. Massage start with light touches of the areolas until the nipples neztopoří.

Focus then attention evenly between the nipples, breasts, neck and belly. Then it’s time for pinching the nipples. It’s actually an imitation, as when a woman breast-feeding a baby. Therefore, nip should be fairly strong.

If a woman is sufficiently aroused, she won’t be hurt. On the contrary, it will be very pleasant. Such movement of the slide to roll the nipples between thumb and forefinger. Again, vary your intensity from gentle to very hard. The path to orgasm then it will be only a matter of time.

The breasts must take care of. Be part of it!


Tip #5 – Oral games

Today, most couples have sex without oral games can imagine. For many women, it’s additionally the only reliable path to orgasm. A woman is most sensitive in the first third of the vagina and on the clitoris. Therefore, oral sex is the ideal way to bring her to orgasm. Most woman appreciate the delicacy, imagination and patience.

The first important thing is to use during oral sex the entire surface of the tongue, and not only špíčku. Man is so irritating more areas at once. Excellent is also gentle suction or blowing. When blowing caution to the air did not penetrate into the vagina. It’s not medically safe.

During oral sex it is important regular and consistent rhythm and endurance. Oscillating movements of the tongue or imitation of the couplers of the movements are very popular.

REMEMBER: as Well as you yourself can’t stand the teeth on the glans, sucking off a girl, even she can’t stand the teeth, and pain in the vagina. Remember it and don’t be rude. If there will be repercussions under the influence of alcohol, check and be for every circumstances, gentle and patient.

Excellent variegation oral sex is a vibrator. The man places his tongue on the clitoris of the partner and from the other side on it accompanied by a vibrator. This little trick can really work wonders.

An interesting alternative is to let the wife dressed in panties and mouth over their hem gradually work your way up to all corners. This gradual conquest is for her very exciting.

The game can also involve the fingers and slip in licking into the vagina. This trick is also good in the moment, wants to the man for a moment, put to rest the tongue. Can so give space to your partner to complacency.

VIDEO: If you can speak English, here are a few tips for enrichment.

Tip #6 – Educational female masturbation

A woman to orgasm the man probably won’t bring in the first good. Must her body to get to know. It is therefore vital to communication. Partner should have for your body to perform.

If not a prude, it is ideal to show your partner what makes her good. Ideally in own masturbation. For men it can be a very enlightening and exciting presentation.

Tip #7 – Toys

Toys are another reliable way and the path to the satisfaction of the partners. Here is a list of some of the toys, bringing joy and delight to every woman. Get one!


Erotic toy from a variety of materials. It is produced from glass and acrylic. Its advantage is that it simulates a real penis.

Dildo is often a flexible and anatomically from the living penis out of all recognition. Some types are also adaptable in their dimensions.

This toy is very popular both with single women, so even in the paired games. It is for every woman, whether she more sitting dildo, or a vibrator. It is necessary both to try


Unlike the previous toys has such a real look and parameters. It is fitted with a motor and can perfectly vibrate. Which is for many women a source of incredible well-being.

Vibration can be set to different intensity and frequency. Best vibrators pluggable into the network. These provide the best performance and range of vibration.

Ben wa balls

On the market there are a variety of shapes and sizes of this sex toys. Their charm lies in the fact that in themselves contain smaller balls, which during the movement of the vibrating.

May the woman during daily activities cause pleasurable feelings. However, they are not in providing pleasure so effective as to be a vibrator. The advantage is, that the woman may herself prepare during the day and a partner then just reap the sweet fruits. In other words finish what balls began to.

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