The female orgasm – 20. tips on how to do it (1. part)

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  • 1 Every woman has the right to an orgasm!
    • 1.1 Types of female orgasm
    • 1.2 What preceded the female orgasm?
    • 1.3 VIDEO: 14 facts about the female orgasm that you probably didn’t know.
    • 1.4 Wet orgasms as the fantasy the porn industry?
    • 1.5 Inappropriate environment can force orgasm weaken
  • 2 7 tips for the perfect female orgasm step by step
    • 2.1 VIDEO: the Perfect guide on how woman satisfy manually
    • 2.2 Tip #1 – Hand job
      • 2.2.1 Step 1: nail clippings
      • 2.2.2 Step 2: Circling around the clitoris
      • 2.2.3 Step 3: Penetration into the vagina
      • 2.2.4 Step 4: The Search For A Gs
      • 2.2.5 Step 5: Ride up and down
      • 2.2.6 Step 6: the Second hand accompanies
    • 2.3 Tip #2 – good Old sex
    • 2.4 Tip #3 – Stimulation of the AFE section
      • 2.4.1 Step 1: Warm – Up
      • 2.4.2 Step 2: Directly to the core of things
      • 2.4.3 Step 3: the Big finale

Every woman has the right to an orgasm!

For a woman’s orgasm more enjoyable, than when he jumps in the hot summer into the icy water, or when after a long day of fasting eats the best food in the world. So amazing it is for a woman to orgasm. Yet it remains a phenomenon whose function is not fully known.

It is possible to give an orgasm to any woman? Very likely yes. On average, 20 seconds of sheer pleasure can really taste each.

The female orgasm is much more intense than the male. Because it is a woman much more frustrated, if orgasm does not reach the

Types of female orgasm

To the woman reached orgasm, she needs an average of 10 to 20 minutes of stimulation. The period of irritation is, however, very individual. Some are in your goal faster and some a lot longer. A woman may experience several types of orgasms:

  • Outer – over 70% of women reaching orgasm klitorálně irritation poštěváčku
  • Interior – when the internal stimulation of the vagina, or anal sex
  • Mixed – combination of both above mentioned
  • Multiple – one orgasm followed immediately by another. This is the dream of all women. What’s yours?

Did YOU KNOW that some will experience an orgasm even during exercise, or during childbirth?

What precedes the female orgasm?

  • At initial sexual excitement begins to the blood flow to the vagina and clitoris.
  • In another instance, the blood goes into the pan. Breath and heartbeat are faster, nipples harden.
  • The lower part of the vagina is abruptly narrower, to grasp the penis. The upper wider entry to be easier.
  • Stimulation of growing nerve and muscle tension in the genitals, pelvis, butt and thighs.
  • BOOM! – at the moment of the explosion of the uterus, vagina and anal hole oscillating frequency of 0.8 Hz.
  • A small orgasm has 3-5 very pleasant and satisfactory contractions. Large 10-15.
  • Sometimes they are also involved fingers, toes, or facial muscles. Therefore those funny expressions at the genuinely orgasms.
  • The center for fear and emotion are during real orgasm off. You can get to know the feature.

VIDEO: 14 facts about the female orgasm that you probably didn’t know.


Wet orgasm as a figment of the porn industry?

Wet orgasm is another mysterious part of the female orgasm. Is a very popular porn theme. His shooting even banned two years ago the british government. Some viewers do not believe that a woman can really “ejaculate“ and that it is no mere piss and fraud on the people.

Scientists have proven that female ejaculation really exists. The Experiment was carried out in France. Then the doctor invited 7 women and found that during sexual arousal the woman a squirt of milky white fluid mixed with urine. This fluid comes from the small glands around the urethra. Glands are just a short walk from the famous G-spot. In addition, this fluid is similar in composition, as the one produces the male prostate gland.

TIP: EVEN the men have their G-spot and it’s just the prostate. Learn partner massage the prostate and experience the most powerful orgasm!

Inappropriate environment can force orgasm weaken

The first step on the path for fireworks is the right atmosphere. Especially in the beginning of the relationship can be partner insecure. Believe in yourself and the beauty of his body. Solves every detail. Whether it is shaved and clean. Whether her body looks good. Convince her that yes.

Plays its role and place. The toilets in the club, or the back seat of the car are not always completely right. Candles, scented oil, good wine and like the scenery definitely help you.

TIP: have you made any Progress in a relationship? Try the 13+1 of TOP positions in the car!

An important role is played by the very prelude. Kissing, touching and increased care of her erogenous zones.

Ways to bring your partner to orgasm is many. These are the basic conditions that guarantee the way to orgasm partner. What are the best tips and tricks? Read on.


7 tips for the perfect female orgasm step by step

VIDEO: the Perfect guide on how woman satisfy manually

Tip #1 – Hand job

The most basic method, which should control every man. Use it for each situation. For a permanent partner, or a random acquaintance. If he doesn’t have a handy condom, is the manual way the most secure and functional option. Can’t you leave unsatisfied. Here are six steps to effective hand job:

Step 1: nail clippings

Every guy should keep his nails in perfect condition. Why do you think women so often look to the men on your hands? Is it because of the fingering. Do not carry too well when they are down there scratched.

Step 2: Circling around the clitoris

Time on the index finger and middle finger in action. Gentle movements man swings rings around the clitoris partner. Important here is lubrication. You can use natural lubrication partners, or lubricating gel.

How to start more sigh, it is necessary to add on the pace. Just watch out for the syndrome of “autopilot“when a man ceases to perceive and begin to rub too fast or hard. The clitoris is sensitive and needs proper treatment.

Step 3: Penetration into the vagina

In a moment, when she’s ready, he’s squeezing her husband into the vagina middle finger and index finger. You have now replaced the penis and goes in and out. The pace is necessary to choose depending on the partner.

Some, she likes it fast and rough, the other vice versa. For every woman there is a different movement pattern. Ideal for man is to be face to partnerčině of the wedge. In this position the maximum can control the penetration.

Step 4: The Search For A Gs

When the fingers are nice inside, it’s time for the next level. The man turns his hand palm up and fingers inside the vagina makes a movement as if to imply “come to me“.

It stimulates the G – spot, which is located on the front wall of the vagina and roughly 1/3 of its depth. The surface is like scalloped. The movement should start slowly and graduate to a proper pace.

Step 5: Ride up and down

In the next stage of man engages once again both of these fingers. This time they tours the clitoris and headed down into the vagina. Here the direction of the turn and continues upward again. This movement follows the movement of the tongue, which is women so popular.

Step 6: the Second hand accompanies

Your hand job a guy can like a good conductor, add the other hand. She can devote her vagina or G – spot while the first takes care of the clitoris.

The rhythm of both hands would not be the same. The pace may not have a partner to worry about. Just should keep him still the same. Until the partner will be begging for a “finish off“.

TIP: Diabetics can use the little finger to stimulate the anus of the partner. Only should know in advance. Mainly no unexpected surprises.

Tip #2 – good Old sex

An integral part of the journey to orgasm is of course the classic sex. Thanks to him, occurs to stimulate the vagina, G-spot and cervical cancer female partners. In some positions, also the clitoris. Best positions to orgasm are, for example, the position of the dog, missionary with the well-proven abdomen of female partners or the position of the woman on top.

In the case of travel for orgasm the old-fashioned way is the need for a good erection and stamina. If men troubled by erection, nothing is lost. Help can correctly composed diet, support of the psyche or supplements.

TIP: Complete reviews and experiences with supplements 3 the editors read in the section Reviews of supplements to support erection.

A key role plays also the endurance. Rarely is a woman done in 2 minutes as an instant soup. In this case can help the following tricks:

  • Coitus interruptus – Delaying orgasm by pressing the area just below the head of the penis
  • Numbing gels and condoms
  • Circumcision – a simple procedure, requiring about 3 weeks of convalescence
  • Dietary supplementsVimax, Erexan, Almea

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Tip #3 – Stimulation of the AFE section

And trends in sex develops, and an old known point G falls. Novelty is allegedly AFE point or And point.

Step 1: Warm – Up

A woman is a complex and complicated entity. Her way into paradise so the partner may prepare during the day. Compliments, the fleeting touches and loving care will do more than any gift.

In bed it is then good to devote the first a few moments of kissing, cuddling and stroking.

Step 2: Directly to the core of things

When a woman is in a sufficient mood, laying her man on his back. Even more of her hot oral sex. It depends on the partner. Each prefers a different style. Anyway, licking pussy up and down can be completely at ease to start. From the beginning it should be licking the delicate, rather tickling.

After a while the man takes his fingers into the vagina and head straight to the cervix. It’s a spherical formation at the end of the vagina with a hole in the middle. A suppository is about the size of cherries, and during the period tends to be softer.

This point then the man tours. It stimulates the important point. Therefore, instead of between the uterine cervix and the stomach. Here lies the fabled AFE section (technically called the anterior fornix erogenous).

Stimulation of the points around the cervix pressure for 10 minutes a day for at least one week will improve the lubrication of the vagina and the chance of a woman to orgasmsays malaysian scientist Chua Chee Ann, the discoverer of the AFE section

Step 3: the Big finale

In the finals it should still circling around the cervix. Pressure, so make it a partner didn’t hurt and caress AFE point. Especially consistently. Thus, in still the same rhythm. After a few minutes, a woman will float on a cloud in another dimension.

TIP: For both men and woman is a good reminder speculum. It reliably reveals all the nooks and crannies of the female body. As we need to keep the page in the sexual censorship, enter the expression speculum into google and find a video of how this very interesting and intimate thing used.

This is an aid to the speculum. What it’s used for search on the internet.

ARE YOU INTERESTED IN MORE TIPS? Proceed to 2. part of the article with the other 4 tips for the most powerful female orgasm!

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