Sex in a tent – the TOP 10 positions in the camp and on trips

There is no better feeling than to go out into nature, unzip the tent and enjoy the fantastic sex. More and more people are fleeing the cities and seeking a return to its prehistoric roots. It’s just nature, where man once again feel the rush of the primeval masculine force. Fresh air, a new unknown

Sex during pregnancy requires 7 safe positions

Sex is none of us want during pregnancy avoid. A long 9-month absence would be looking forward to going. Women and men are the excitement, for some, the idea of a round belly even hotter. How to have sex during pregnancy safely and without stereotypes? The pregnancy is great, that in him you don’t have

Sex in nature – the 8 sites where air genitals

We have a summer and along with it the ladies are beginning to shorten their dress. This is great news for us, because we will, as every year an amazing spectacle. Summer also brings another interesting bonuses. One of them is sex in nature. Freshly couples in love usually have a great appetite for sex.

Sex in the car – 13+1 great positions and VIDEO

The car is a very interesting place, where you to spice up your sex life. The unusual environment of the car brings new impulses and drives away the classic stereotype of the bedroom. I guess each of us needs from time to time to spice up your love life something unconventional. And what could be

Sex with animals – disgusting perversion is not illegal

Not about all aspects of sexuality to speak easily. When you encounter in the company on such a topic, you have the ambition to quickly sweep under the carpet, or get him to wake up as soon as possible. Sex with animals is just that topic. Some people such things do not want to think

Sex during menstruation – HYGIENE and SAFETY

There is one proverb that says: “Every knight should have his sword from blood.“ It’s about people’s opinion sex during period. Must him do every. However, the reality is somewhat different. Not nearly as many of the knights want to have your sword actually colored with blood. Our company uncovered in sex many taboos. Menstrual

Sex in public – what is the penalty of the law?

There are people who just of the bedroom environment is not enough and looking for other interesting places, where you to spice up your sex life. Other times, it can go on a random and unscheduled activity. His role is played by alcohol, or excessive natěšenost pair. Last but not least, there are individuals who