Frenum of the penis – is needed or is unnecessary?

Perineum is the paramedic called the frenulum. It’s about a piece of skin that connects the foreskin to the head of the penis. This anatomical unit is not located only on the penis. You can find him in the mouth and on other parts of the body. Normally a man of his frenulum, slowly notice.

Loss of testosterone – the heartless part of aging

Testosterone is the most important male hormone, no doubt about it. And because everywhere shared photos of zženštělých manekýnů with makeup and skirts on the fashion runways, which certainly are not for women feature strong alpha males, it is necessary to have a little watch, to give you testosterone does not wane. Another type of

Pregnancy – which position will speed up fertilization?

A couple planning a baby should put a horse’s head in gold for the fastest possible conception. The fact is that in the planning of the child progresses, many people intuitively. Advice on how to get pregnant is in the world as a poppy. What works and what is a myth? Read on to future

Tantra massage – this home to fully experience!

Tantra is an ancient system of meditation and rituals, whose origin dates back before the fifth century of our era. Offers a comprehensive system to attain higher consciousness. For us in the west, but especially the famous one of her offshoot called you the month, which is supposed to evoke a higher consciousness through a

Common orgasm – anachronism or necessity?

The common or simultaneous orgasm is in most cases unnecessarily stressful myth. No, that would be completely impossible, but the point is that it is very frustrating about it too hard. Achieve orgasm at the same moment while it may seem like a romantic experience, but působí unnecessary tension and stress to many couples. Orgasm

Is buying Sildenafil without a recipe the road to hell?

In the year 1989 saw the light of the world Sildenafil citrate. Originally, the researchers intended that the drug will help people with the treatment of high blood pressure and angina. During tests on humans have occurred special things. People, mainly men, just very don’t like to return the test samples back. And they had

Sex tourism – how much it costs and where to go?

If you go to Bangkok, thailand for your noticed specific bars scattered around the streets. They will hang around sympathetic ladies in high heels with a broad smile on his face. Next to them you see the good bavícího foreigners. A girl with a man will flirt, as if it was for her the only

Sex toys ignites the passion and abolish stereotypes

Personally I am a supporter of sex toys since college. That’s when I went with a classmate in the same grade and while walking around town we fit in to a nearby sex shop. When we got out, took her in my purse new pink vibrator. At the time, it was a gift from me

33+5 sex games, hot attraction

It is very easy to fit into a sexual routine and boredom. This is especially true for the prelude. Fortunately, humans are playful creatures and your imagination we can also transfer to their sexuality. I believe that you don’t belong among the individuals who’ll jump at it, just to get the done his duty in

TOP 10 adult and sexual applications for 2018

For mobile phones and tablets creates a plethora of applications. Whether you move in the Apple Store or on Google Play, is not to know and cover all. The thematic focus is varied and includes sexual content, chats for adults, binding and non-binding meetings and games. Smart phones and tablets today allow access to everything,