Whitening the penis or human stupidity without borders

Sometimes, people do bizarre things. For example, try non-traditional adjustments directly on your body. Thanks to Thailand this discipline has moved to a whole new level. Men here can let you whiten your penis. You’re probably wondering like me, when I this subject started to write. Why on earth would anyone do that? Believe it

BDSM – 1. part of the list of SEXUAL DEVIATIONS

A lot of talk about him and even more writes. Many crave his magic experience. Even though it may hurt. The acronym BDSM comes from the combination of the words Bandáž (bundling), Disciplína, Withadismus and Masochismus. Practitioners of BDSM they look at him differently. From the innocent sexual practices variegating the sexual life, through the

BDSM – 2. part of the list of SEXUAL DEVIATIONS

BDSM offers a wide range of practices. Some can be all of the ten to recommend, others require a little more experience and courage. The selection is so diverse, that very few people will taste everything. Let’s look together, what all you can experience. The content of the article 1 14 the most popular BDSM

Arginmax Forte – experience after 45 days

The product ArginMax I was very curious, because I’ve seen many ads on tv and on the internet. The face of the product has even become a well-known Czech urologist Radim Node. In the advertising claim that ArginMax is “Medicine for long-term improvement of erection and sexual performance.” I decided therefore to test on himself.

Andropause man scares me – how it is manifested and treated?

Even men can experience the higher the age of a male transition – andropauzu. It’s just so much talk. Learn how to tell whether a transition applies to you. Like the ad says: “Even men have their days.” And even the men have their andropauzu. The transition period full of changes of the psyche, changing

Amante – 4 satisfactory erection for 499 Rubles

Amante is a new supplement for the one-off support erection. Promises rapid onset to 60 minutes. The origin of the English product in Slovakia is supplied by the company VL Supplements, s. r. o. from Bratislava. Amante describes the effects of similar drugs Viagra or Cialis, but with the purely natural composition. Amante, during the

Almea – 4 a good erection for a lot of money

Almea is the product on a single support erection. It is less known and not many mentions. Almeu I found on the internet. To test for weak erection ordered 4 tablets – 4, single doses. Almeu I enjoyed before the 4 fucks. How to Almeu reacted erection you will read in the detailed review. NAVIGATION

Aphrodisiacs for men – a list of 33 foods and beverages

History is replete with examples of foods, plants and beverages, in which people believed with it, that will help to miraculously improve their abilities in bed. Even nowadays, men constantly looking for ways to increase your appetite for sex. Sometimes you just need to a better experience of sex, mental calm and release yourself from

10 situations where you an erection really doesn’t fit

In the first place it is necessary to understand how it actually works. How it works the mechanism of erection, and what the erection is it exactly? Because nature is powerful, he can deal with the fact, when the sperm may not get into contact with the air. And to even get to the target,