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Masturbation, shared masturbation or mutual masturbation is the most natural form of developing their own and mutual sexuality. For a lot of people it’s still taboo and ashamed to talk about it. Lessons to children about masturbation from parents is sporadic and often about masturbation afraid to speak the partners among themselves.

About sexual needs and desires but it is necessary between the partners to talk openly, otherwise you’ll never find out what the other one actually desires and dreams. Maybe that man first began to walk upright at the moment when you need your hands free just for masturbation. Couples masturbation can be a very powerful erotic experience.

If you learn to properly satisfy a woman and always surprising, never forsake you, and some will forgive you


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  • 1 Mutual masturbation deepens rapport and trust
    • 1.1 Common masturbation drives even the otherwise formulaic procedures or position
    • 1.2 Mutual masturbation – prove that you on the partner depends
    • 1.3 Masturbation is the most common sexual practice and it from early childhood
    • 1.4 Male masturbation
      • 1.4.1 Male erogenous zones:
    • 1.5 Masturbation women
      • 1.5.1 Female erogenous zones:
    • 1.6 Couples masturbation
    • 1.7 Nepenetrační sexual techniques without sexual intercourse – dictionary of
    • 1.8 Partially nepenetrační sexual techniques
  • 2 Sexual stimulation

Mutual masturbation deepens rapport and trust

Induction of sexual release in the form of common masturbation is the best way to learn what actually is an orgasm. Generally and medically, it is already considered masturbation women and masturbation men in health beneficial, not harmful.

Practice helps with the development of sexuality, desire and experience. Can perfectly train and delaying ejaculation. It’s about the best way to release sexual tension, which very naturally arises in particular in the period of adolescence.

It the proverbial “chasing the dick or pussy” works very well, as well as the occasional profanities, that sex really spice things up. Enjoy it, release the tension and let your common masturbation carried out with enthusiasm and finally, without prejudice. Information about mutual autoerotice and jerking off alone you can get rid of the feelings of guilt and depression.


Common masturbation drives even the otherwise formulaic procedures or position

Mutual masturbation has a very sexy undertone. Just look at the partner or partner to get it does is actually very exciting. Masturbation women is for men huge experience as well as for a woman masturbating a man.

Hand on heart and without prejudices – who of you nenažhaví? Exploring your own sexuality and exploring your body get the necessary experience about the anatomy of his partnerčinho sexual organ.

Indeed, in particular vaginal mapping is a necessity. Must you both have fun. When mutual masturbation to be touched, laskáním, stroking or mechanical irritation experience the fantastic feelings of excitement and come to a hell of a strong orgasm.

In the mutual mechanical irritation of the genitals join the oral sex and tongue, hands, feet and sex toys. Involving fantasies and erotic ideas use what is at hand. Take a banana or cucumber, but in this case we recommend to use a condom, because the female vagina is sensitive to the introduction of possible bacteria.


  • Drážděte her G-spot so that it will beg on his knees for another round.
  • Learn how to stimulate her clitoris like a professional and will never think of other men


Mutual masturbation – prove that you on the partner depends

Mutual masturbation will help you to clarify what you are guaranteed to get to a boil. You will know what touches you bring the greatest pleasure and which are unpleasant. Mutual stimulation of the sexual organ walk up to the climax.

Own experience is much better than hundreds of books. Without own experiences with masturbation is the start of the paired sexual activity of entering into the unknown. Indeed, even in the 19th. century was masturbation the disease in 20. century it is a cure to almost everything, even on female hysteria.

Masturbation has a positive effect on the reduction of sexual tension, which leads to manifestations of nervousness, restlessness, unable to concentrate, and health problems. The release of masturbation in addition allows you overcome the period without sexual life and a life partner. This is a full experience. Female masturbation, or wanking the penis is a very beneficial thing.


Masturbation is the most common sexual practice and it from early childhood

Masturbation is not a substitute to sex, as with the food growing taste. Improves the performance, strength of erections, stamina and intensifies the experience of orgasm. It is a proven fact that those who masturbate regularly and often, sex is not neglecting, and on the contrary make him indulge in much more often than people without regular sex.

Stimulation of the erogenous zones brings the experience of orgasm to the fullest and uninhibited. During masturbation there is nothing prohibited, and you can also use sex toys. Vibrators, masturbators or dildos – suited to everything.

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Who trains, has a better results. In taoism and tantra is to increase the sexual excitement without the final climax way to improve the sexual stamina of men. Masturbation techniques serves as a rehearsal for delaying ejaculation during sex or just for sex without a final climax.


Male masturbation

Masturbation men mutual masturbation lies in the hand masturbation penis and oral irritation of tongue and mouth, the so-called fellatio. For men has a huge importance. You may fully devote yourself to the pleasure of experiencing a reaction to the touch on the penis, to know what moves and touches him excited and how the intensity of the movement is just the best.

Can better discern the onset of a climax and have strong experience of ejaculation. Mutual masturbation will help you gain experience, how long it should penis tease, he knows his tendency to premature ejaculation and can train and start with a correction, if need be.

Just even a simple hand job can be pretty damn beneficial. Feel free to use the rings and masturbators for men and experiment with the prostate gland. Who have experienced prostate massage knows that it is a phenomenal experience. Just be careful to not overdo it. Ruptured perineum really hurts and piqued and damaged skin on the glans too. When you need to up the ante, so with sensitivity and without teeth and nails.


Male erogenous zones:

  • the penis and the surrounding area
  • place in the root of the penis
  • the glans and foreskin
  • the scrotum and testicles
  • the perineum or the perineum, the place between penis and anus
  • buttocks
  • the lower part of the spine

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Masturbation women

Masturbation women and mutual masturbation is especially manual and oral stimulation poštěváčku, the so-called cunnilingus – clitoris, on the introduction of the various gadgets similar to the male penis with improved features, such as a vibrator, masturbator, dildos anal and vaginal.

In a woman’s vaginal mapping, the search for the legendary point G, and the detection of response to touch is very important and it is necessary sometimes to devote more time. Fortunately, this man really enjoy and no one is not forcing you to play.

If a woman will experience a reaction to being touched on the genitals, especially on the poštěváčku and knows what moves, touches, the intensity and speed of movement is best for her, will do the same for you. Woman that can satisfy, for you to do virtually anything, what you say, so go on a journey of discovery, whether you can discern the onset and progression of the climax. If a woman can even when you masturbation to the fullest, to experience excitement and orgasm, you have won.

Female erogenous zones:

  • sexual organs and the surrounding area
  • pubic mound
  • the clitoris or clit
  • grafenbergův point, i.e. a point G
  • the perineum, or the perineum
  • buttocks
  • ears and ear lobes
  • breasts and nipples

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Pair masturbation

Most often takes the form of a neckingu, then caresses on the chest and neck, caressing only from the waist up, or being busy, then caresses in the lower parts of the body, i.e., stroking or touching with the hands or mouth of partner’s erogenous zones.

The woman excites the hands of the penis of the partner and man caresses, just and especially the clitoris of the partner, or its scabbard. Even masturbation doesn’t have to always end in orgasm. The joint orgasm of the partners is also masturbating very little likely. Moreover, in a joint orgasm every focuses mainly on himself, while in the mutual masturbation you finally have time for the feelings of the partner.

Woman men show, he prefers the gentle touches, caresses, stroking, fondling, or on the contrary aggressive and uncompromising irritation from the beginning to the successful end. For men it is in any case a very strong erotic experience.

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Nepenetrační sexual techniques without sexual intercourse – dictionary of



Partly nepenetrační sexual techniques



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Sexual stimulation

Sexual stimulation, and stimulation to induce sexual arousal is a full-featured kind of sex, which refers to the sexual excitement of the genital organs of men and women. They are referred to as other forms of nepenetračního sexual intercourse.

The aim of masturbation is to experience the pleasant feelings of arousal and excitement, which can be consummate by releasing sexual tension the climax – orgasm. Sexual stimulation is the basis of foreplay and preparing partners for sexual intercourse.

It is estimated that this sexual experience had been through 80 – 90 % of people. Men and women begin to masturbate around 14. years. Women masturbate less often than men, but to a higher age.

With age the need for and frequency of masturbation is dropping slowly, and in men much faster. Sexual satisfaction masturbujících women in the marriage even much higher. Perfectly always works the good old porn for shoring up the atmosphere, or think about jerking off to talk to some erotic hot chat.

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