7 sizes of penises and the most suitable position for them

Every woman is a little different. Just as every man is anatomically equipped with a different type of “tools“ down there. The question is how much it affects the shape of the penis and the vagina mutual excitement? Superstition, that in the dark it is all the same certainly does not apply. The difference in anatomy is to know!

Women have it really easy and the choice of dozens of different sizes and types of penises


The content of the article

  • 1 What kind of penis women prefer?
    • 1.1 1. Smoke
    • 1.2 2. Highlands
    • 1.3 3. Cucumber
    • 1.4 4. Pickle
  • 2 Other cool shapes of the penis and their benefits
  • 3 What if the penis is not enough or not enough?
    • 3.1 Manual and oral stimulation
    • 3.2 Sex toys in action
  • 4 of the TOP 5 favourite sex positions, according women
    • 4.1 Number 5 – the Location of the spoons
    • 4.2 Number 4 – Missionary
    • 4.3 Number 3 – the Magic number 69
    • 4.4 Number 2 – On the hobby
  • 5 Number 1 – WINNING POSITION – doggy style

What kind of penis women prefer?

You will meet women who have lasturku for your penis as a shell and them just as well fits the shape of your penis. On the other hand, there are partners with whom the interplay will take longer due to the anatomy of both sexes.

Women in there apart anatomically different, but after all men are anatomically equipped with the more variably. It is essential to know the advantages and weaknesses of their own penis. You can then satisfy your partner better than-endowed porn actor. What are the shapes of the penis and their benefits? What hardship my occur? Read on.


1. Smoke

The reason why women do enjoy penetration is their sense of completion. If a man has, the thinner the tool, not always reaches an appropriate friction on the vaginal walls. This is particularly true for women after giving birth and stronger females, whose walls tend to be naturally looser.

Plan of action:

If nature gave you a thinner penis, it is advantageous if your partner presses the thighs together. This will better the friction on the vaginal wall.

Excellent is also the dog’s position. The great irritate the partner, in addition, you can comfortably stimulate the clitoris. Roughly 70 to 80% of women are klitorálně orgastických, so it would be a shame not to take advantage.

Another great position is when the woman lies down on her back. You go on your knees and you enter her sanctuary. A woman leans against the knees of your chest and ensure that a really intense narrow penetration. In this position, you can regulate the intensity of irritation of the walls and the depth of penetration. Very deep penetration, it is often unpleasant, because the penis hits against the cervix.

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2. Highlands

Exactly the type who inspires envy in the men’s locker room. Long and thick. This penis but it also has its drawbacks. During intercourse must be its wearer careful. Wilder sex can cause injury and partner scare enough that the other sex won’t want you.

And all men know how hard it is to keep the passion at bay, when they are in the best. On the other hand, this kind of penis has a great potential for the stimulation of the clitoris

If you have a real “hock” for a woman too take your time

Plan of action:

The essence is to let the woman control the depth, angle and pace of penetration. So that was on top kneeling or squatting. Just so they can freely decide how deep it goes. The man probably doesn’t matter so much on the depth of penetration, because the most sensitive is the glans.

Another good choice is the location of the spoons. Penetration is not so deep plus it is possible to devote to her breasts and clitoris, while adjusting to your size.


3. Cucumber

The average length and width and dimensions from the root to the glans does not change dramatically. It is a cucumber. If you are a proud owner, you can whistle. The penis adapts to any position and situation. It is a universal. ,

Hard and steady the penis with a strong žílováním is for a woman to guarantee satisfaction

Plan of action:

Fan the kama sutra book and choose whatever you with a partner attracts. Anatomy you here to stand in your way. Perhaps only one psychological trick like good advice. Men turned on by visual sexual stimuli.

So any position where he has a wife as on the palm of your hand, makes his penis harder and longer. This means better sex for both of us. For inspiration is a great need doggy position standing up + mirror. Look at the ass and at the same time her breasts is priceless.


4. Pickle

This type of penis affects only a small percentage of men. Experts call it a micropenis and is long up to 3 inches in erection. Probably this is a mini version of the caused by a smaller amount of testosterone during the development phase. Even here there is no need to despair. Even with a small punch can play a large theater.

Plan of action:

Ask for always achieve a position that allows deep penetration. A good tip is to put a pillow under her butt and her feet lift up to a height of over your shoulders. You reach so deep penetration missionary.

Another great position is her on all fours and you standing above it, when you can pull her hips closer to you. You could say that it is a modification of the position of the plow from the kama sutra.

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Other cool shapes of the penis and their benefits

  • Rocket – a strong base and a narrow tip – a good position is doggy style
  • Sausage – thick and short – effective, since irritating mainly the width of the penis length up to, not so much
  • Banana – slightly bent penis in the correct position irritates a great point G


What if the penis is not enough or not enough?

It may happen that your partner’s small penis to stimulation is not enough. Here you can be sure that it is rather a psychological fallacy for women. Look at the following facts:

  • The nerve endings are located only in the first third of the vagina. Drážděte wife more deeply and feel nothing
  • The average vagina is only 7 to 10 cm deep
  • The average width is around 2 to 3 cm
  • Most of the nerve endings is in the clitoris
  • The G – spot located 5 to 7 cm deep
  • The vagina becomes during arousal wider and longer? Not! This is only a myth
Every woman has a different vagina. You can always find the one that your penis “sits”. Important is to search and not give up

Manual and oral stimulation

If my partner is a problem with the size, or you with an erection, you probably have an idea that there are other options. Manually and orally can be a partner to orgasm bring can. Then it will be a total of one, how you have achieved it. Option is to also bring her on the threshold of bliss in this way and the active work to complete by using a penis. It is particularly suitable if you have a problem with premature ejaculation.

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Sex toys in action

Men with a small penis can artificial vibrators to increase self-confidence and remove the anxiety from the lack of penetration. They use it anyway and others.

Commonly happens that the anxiety whether from a small penis or the failure of the inhibits an erection. Besides the previous methods, you can help even otherwise.

Super new in the last time are the vibrators, which the woman introduces into her vagina before having sex. Then the vibrations irritating as the clitoris and vagina from the inside. Intercourse is much more intense for both of us.


TOP 5 favorite sex positions, according women

We interviewed women to positions told your. The result was the best five positions from the female point of view.

Number 5 – the Location of the spoons

Convenient location on the side and access to the right parts of the body. As we told Peter: “there Is no more beautiful way to wake up than in this position”.

Number 4 – The Missionary

This location never disappoints. With like is placed on the leading positions for its simplicity. And this is the most common location when it is for the first time.

Number 3 – the Magic number 69

“How you me so I you” applies in this position doubly. Women love, if it is down there licking. And for the reward you like to receive the same pleasure. Read also the article about the impact of oral sex on the penis size.

Number 2 – The hobby

When the woman is on top, it has a lot of advantages. Firstly, it is much nenadřete and you can enjoy the great views. For the other partner alone dictates the pace, the angle and the depth of the penetration and stimulation of the clitoris. It’s clearly the best position, if he wants to reach orgasm.


Number 1 – WINNING POSITION – doggy style

A clear winner between the positions is the position of the back. This imagination is conducive to the location it just won. It doesn’t matter whether a woman is on all fours, lie on your stomach with your feet together or you put it not shower standing up. With this position you probably can’t go wrong.

But above all, every woman will appreciate, if it is to see that you having sex with her having fun, that you see her and that you are in the moment with her. It surpasses even the best location.

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